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  • We can supply many brand of SCADA such as Wonderware, Citect, iFix, WinCC, Cimplicity Etc.
  • SCADA Programming
  • System Configuration Design
  • Graphic Design depend on customer need
  • Commissioning


What is SCADA?

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition or SCADA is a system used to monitor and control a plant form a central location. This is not frequently used because of the control override possibility. SCADA itself changes the control set points quite frequently. It is widely used in water treatment plants and lately it has been used chlorination and pumping stations.


SCADA system is composed of 3 main elements.

RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit) HMI

(Human Machine Interface)


The function of an RTU is to collect the onsite information and this information is sent to a central location with the help of the communication element. If system wants to send information back to the RTU then this communication element take it back too. The function of the HMI element is to display the information received in an easy to understand graphical way and also archive all the data received. It is usually a high end computer system capable of displaying high quality graphics and running advanced and complex software.

Automation Solution for fulfill your

SCADA requirements.



  • The OPC technology enables to easily connect SCADA / HMI systems to fieldbus devices and implement a communication system based on standard or proprietary protocols.

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