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Eart – Rite System Options

NG UK Earth-Rite Options

Newson Gale supplies a range of product options that enhance the control and general safety of transfer processes and aid engineers with system installations and routine system service checks. Contact Newson Gale or your local Newson Gale representative for more information on the range of options available.

RTR Tester The RTR Tester is designed to have the same electrical characteristics as a road tanker and provides engineers with a means of checking that the RTR undergoing installation is permissive when it detects these characteristics. The Tester is connected to the RTR system and it’s grounding point, and when activated, the RTR’s LED indicators change from red to green, confirming that the Road Tanker Recognition and Static Ground Verification checks are functioning as intended.

Sun Shield Designed for operating environments subject to intense sunlight,the ERII Sun Shield prevents direct sunlight hitting the indicators on the Earth-Rite RTR and Earth-Rite PLUS static grounding systems.

Installer’s Kit This kit provides installation engineers with the necessary Ex (d) enclosure glands (x5) and system cable (x3) required to complete an Earth-Rite RTR or Earth-Rite PLUS installation as specified in the system installation manuals. Two of the glands cater for both armoured and non-armoured cable diameters ranging from 9 mm to 13.5 mm. Three glands cater for IS current carrying non-armoured cable with cable diameters ranging from 4 mm to 8.4 mm.

VESM02 Retractable Cable Reel
The VESM02 Retractable Cable Reel is supplied for grounding system installations where customers want to ensure the grounding clamp and

cable are returned to the static grounding system by operators and drivers on completion of the product transfer process. The VESM02 Reel can be used in conjunction with the Earth-Rite RTR, Earth-Rite PLUS and Earth-Rite TELLUS.

Mode Selector Key Switch
The Earth-Rite RTR will not permit product transfers without recognising electrical characteristics unique to road tankers. The Mode Selector Key Switch permits loading area supervisors to turn off the Road Tanker Recognition function of the RTR with a key when items of plant other than road tankers, e.g. railcars, IBCs and drums need to be filled or emptied.

Hazardous Area Strobe Light
The strobe light is mounted in an elevated position and when the equipment is correctly grounded, flashes continuously informing personnel that a transfer process is underway and is protected from the static hazard. The strobe light can be used in conjunction with the Earth-Rite RTR, Earth-Rite PLUS and Earth-Rite TELLUS.

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